Nov 082014

Yesterday, my hosting service Powweb temporarily suspended my account because of too much bandwidth usage. They wouldn’t re-enable the site until I removed the culprit: the podcasts. So the podcast links will be temporarily down until I find another place to host them. I know I haven’t posted a podcast in quite a long while, but I do hope to start posting them regularly again soon. In the meantime, please accept this Golden Lion Tamarin eating an apple:



Jun 132014

The 9th edition of the Hypericon speculative fiction convention is happening right now at the Holiday Inn Express near the Nashville International Airport. The festivities continue through the weekend. Highlights include the “Spam Slam” spam-mail-as-poetry-reading, Bad First Line competition, and Costume Contest. Check the full schedule for more info!

Hypericon 9
June 13th -15th 2014
Fest pass is $50, Saturday-only is $30; Sunday-only is $10, Night passes good from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. are $10.

@ Holiday Inn Express Airport
1111 Airport Center Dr, Nashville, TN

Dec 152013


Cody Gaisser is a big asset to the Nashville music community.  He plays guitar and sings in Oceanray and plays drums in Sherbert.

A few days ago, Cody told me his band Oceanray was looking for a fourth member to do something, “in the vein of sound manipulation/electronics/synth/utility,” so I thought I would spread the word here. Check out their songs on SoundCloud, and if you’re interested, drop him a line at codygaisser at yahoo dot com.

Jul 132013

Z-Vex custom painted pedals.

I was able score a free pass to Summer NAMM today at the new Music City Center here in Nashville. Since I haven’t had a chance to explore the brand new convention center and I hadn’t been to Summer NAMM in a few years, I figured this was a convergence of opportunities.

Parking at the Music City Center was surprisingly hassle-free. The center is so huge, 6th Avenue actually runs underneath it. From 6th, I entered the ground-level lot and quickly found a space. The parking cost was only $6 today, but I believe it’s normally $12 for up to 8 hours.

As gargantuan as the center seems from outside, it’s actually a little underwhelming indoors. I was expecting Summer NAMM to expand to the space, but the convention used only half of the available exhibit floor. Summer NAMM 2013 seemed no larger than Summer NAMM 2010 at the Nashville Convention Center.

My friend Paul Horton and I walked all over the new facility, trying to find a way out to the grass-carpeted roof. The closest we could come was a windowed view (see picture below). Sadly, the coolest part of the new convention center appears to be permanently off-limits to convention goers.

I enjoyed my time at Summer NAMM 2013. Scroll down for my picture and video highlights.

Inside the Music City Center.

Inside the Music City Center.


The closest we came to the grass-lined roof.


Inside the exhibit area.


I am still fascinated by plastic trombones.


I love my Marantz digital field recorder, but these Tascams give it a run for its money. The DR-60D is designed especially for DSLR videographers.


My favorite guitar company: Reverend.


Believe it or not, these guitars are actually tiny. “The world’s finest handcrafted miniature guitars.”


Pigtronix analog effects.


Z-Vex, one of the most innovative effects companies on the planet.


Nashville’s own Griffin Technology.


Flying V Electric Violin.


T-Rex Effects.


Klops takes your vintage guitar cabinet speakers and places them inside these cylinders to minimize phasing and muddy tones.